Production Tooling

production tool

We understand that highly featured, tight tolerance parts, with aggressive lead times, require top quality mould—from the first production run through the life of product.

We offer flexible options of outsourcing Moulds through our partnerships with quality tool shops both in the country and offshore. Our valued tooling partners have been building the most complex, precision moulds since last 35 years.

The range of tooling we offer includes,

  • Proto Moulds
  • Single and Multi cavity production Moulds
    • Expandable and Interchangeable Moulds
    • Stripper and Floating Cavity Plate Moulds
    • Hot Runner System Moulds, Conventional and Insulated Runner Moulds
    • Shuttle and Insert Moulds, Cartridge Moulds, Unscrewing Moulds
    • Mechanical and Hydraulic Core pull Moulds
    • Stack Moulds, Over moulding Moulds
  • Using different material like but not limited to
    • Aluminium (proto moulds)
    • Variety of Soft Steel and Pre-Hard Steel Materials
    • Variety of Hardened Tool Steels, Beryllium Inserts
  • Including finishing operations like,
    • Specialized Tool Coatings
    • Surface texturing, Mirror like Polishing