Troubleshooting Quality Problems
You are competent when you can produce and supply goods with best possible efficiency i.e. minimum cost and maximum quality output.

This leads to reduction in cost and having consistent quality with higher productivity. When you are trying to do this, either you are fixing something that is hindering or you are building something for overall effectiveness.

Some people are naturally good at problem solving. Others are not (yet). Most are somewhere in between. This is also true for creativity required for enhancements. Why one should compromise competitiveness with this variable. Just rely on proven scientific methodology and rest assured. Without this your implementation of solution may be ineffective.

We offer established scientific methodology to fix problems and enhance competency you are looking for. The most important part is to find what is wrong and what can be improved. Our teams of expert engineers are well verse with scientific methods after practicing it for long. You can solve your problem and increase efficiencies quickly and effectively.

While manufacturing of precision components, quality problems often occur like,
We provide services for troubleshooting quality problems by opting systematic approach to resolve problems. There are two kinds of issues faced: those involving “quality control” and those encountered during “startup”.

Seven steps of flaw correction

  • Finding the right problem to solve
  • Define and isolate problem scientifically
  • Analysing the problem by DOE
  • Developing possibilities for solution
  • Selecting the best solution
  • Implementing
  • Evaluating and learning
  • Horizontal deployment of solution where applicable


What we offer is

  • Increase productivity
    • Improve cycle efficiency
    • Improve mould health
    • Increase machine up-time
    • Reduce efforts
  • Improve consistency
    • Increase machine reliability
    • Improve product Quality