Product Testing
Bringing a great product to market requires strong quality assurance while minimizing testing time frames. OEMs/ODMs require high usability, performance and quality with the release of new devices and services.

Anything less than this could be devastating to a company’s reputation. We provide both support and innovative approaches throughout the entire quality process with fully integrated testing and verification services. Regardless of the stage of development, the platform or the amount of in-house expertise, we offer a complete set of solutions for specific development needs or for providing support for end-to-end testing.

Some of testing services that we offer are as follows,

  • Traction, flexion, and compression tests
  • Impact tests (pendulum, falling dart)
  • Accelerated aging conditions simulation (Xenotest)
  • Chemical composition identification
  • Compatibility with chemical products
  • Rheological properties (viscosity, melt index, etc.)
  • Thermal properties (Vicat temperature, HDT, etc.)
  • Biodegradability, compost ability and ecotoxicity tests