Mould Health Management software
To manage large pool of moulds, it is always hectic to monitor and predict end of tool life, best mould maker for same part, convertor efficiency, production down times at vendor and all other information on tool.

To end this scenario and have access to various information, at once click from anywhere in the world we design and provide customized web based application to monitor total mould health from design stage to end of life. This enables,

project manage
  • General CQ index
  • Monitoring Mold performance
  • Track mold History
  • Mold validation history
  • Monitoring mold life (used, expected)
  • Mold Health Management Software – Brief Concept

    Data Input
    • Supply Chain
    • Mold Maker
    • Converter
    Online Data Storage & Analysis
    • Secure storage
    • Data Sorting
    • Data Processing
    • Data Analysis
    • Output Interface
    • Mold Design & Development History
    • Mold Development Time Monitoring
    • Mold Speciication and Spares
    • Mold Validation History
    • Mold Performance
    • Mold Maker Performance
    • Development Time Tracking (Planned vs. Actual)
    • Mold Running History
    • Production History
    • Mold Events
    • Production Events
    • Critical Spare List, Specification & Stock
    • Mold Preventive Maintenance Schedule & History
    • Mold Utilization Pattern
    • Convertor Performance For Same Product / Mold
    • Mold Commercial Desk

  • Software features
    • Web Based Application
    • Worldwide Access
    • Cross Platform Compatibility
    • Multilevel Access Control
    • Highly Deployable
    • Centralized Data Control
    • User-friendly Console
    • Online Training