Analysis services (Mold Filling, Cooling)

We test component designs for different gating possibilities and process options. We simulate how the product will be affected by various resins and how best to mould the part in order to minimize modifications after the mould is finished. Different analysis services that we offer are,

  • Flow/ Pack analysis : To accurately simulate the filling phase of the injection moulding process, to find the correct tool layout and runner designs needed, to predict short shots, to design optimal weld line placements
  • Cooling Analysis: To accurately simulate any number of cooling designs to achieve uniform part cooling, minimize cycle times, and reduce part warpage due to non-uniform cooling.
  • Warpage Analysis: To optimize part design, material selection, mould design and processing parameters to manage and reduce part warpage in order achieve the intented part design

Shrinkage Analysis:

At the completion of the analysis, we prepare a comprehensive report explaining how the analysis was performed, what the graphics depict and offers specific recommendations for modifications that can help you design the optimum mould and part.