Design For Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) – the art of designing a product in a way that makes it easy to manufacture, assemble and store. The benefits of designing for manufacturability are as follows,

  • Optimize development and manufacturing cost
  • Early Manufacturing Process planning
  • Early visualization of manufacturing process and its impact on product design
  • Avoid expensive and time consuming manufacturing process

Product Design review for DFM:

  • Review of product design from plastics point of view for wall thickness, ribs, radius, draft and texture
  • Review co-part fitment features for plastics components assembly
  • Review of product design from tooling point of view for gate location, gate type, ejection, parting line, required draft, possible texturing, etc.
  • DFMEA and DQ support

Our DFM services take many aspects of a product’s overall manufacturability into account, including assembly, test, service, repair and more. We cover full range of pre-production: CAD design, material selection, and process selection, to ensure that your product is designed for the most cost-effective and efficient production. In fact, we’ll even tell you if the best manufacturing process for you would be one that we cannot offer.

Redesigning an existing part of a product, or even the whole product, to be lighter, stronger and smaller is a common trend today and we have gained sufficient experience to assure our customers of success.

Our expertise in design for manufacturability covers a broad range of industries and applications

DFM services are hence useful to ensure that product can be cost-effectively designed to manufacture with high levels of quality and reliability. A comprehensive DFM report is provided which includes process flow details, expectations for the build, and final DFM recommendations.