Turnkey Projects

Most of the time, Plastics product development, is not core a focus/target for OEMs. Jumping into plastic product development is like using resource bandwidth at wrong place of non-competency. This can cost more in terms of time, money and quality. Many a time OEMs don’t have matured knowledge of tooling & moulding process technology in depth.

Outsourcing can be good option if confidentiality of product is not a concern. But the business interest of outsourced contractor is entirely different than OEM’s.

Better option is to setup plant and franchised out/hire the subject experts.

When product is developed though different group like, product designer, Mold Maker, Molder, there is always conflict of interest.

If the part not produced with right design and right material, final products can fail in delivering intended results. This quickly leads to disagreements between mould maker & injection moulders and end customer, about what/which part of the development process went wrong. The suffering always goes to product owner OEMs.

Turnkey contract to right manger is solution to lease out all liabilities and risk to enjoy desired target without any mishaps.

As a project leader with wide hands on experience; From plant layout design, machinery selection and installation, to process and tool design and qualifications, QMS compliances and product approvals, legal and regulatory compliances, we takes responsibility of all requirements and handover project in time, within budget with all deliverables achieved.

We are team of Technical expert for the Plastics Injection Moulding solutions with hard core hands-on experience of designing and setting up world class molding facility. We provide One Stop Consulting for Injection moulded parts and assembly manufacturing solutions. Our project management service model provides clients with a smooth, seamless experience & total quality assurance from start to finish. A dedicated project manager work as single interface and is accountable for all deliverables.


Plant Design & Development

  • Understand Product, Business focus
  • Define Processes, Material flow
  • Consider RM, SFG, FG Inventory plan
  • Define requirements (Space, Man, Machine, Method)
  • Define assembly process and SPMs if required
  • Resource development (Man, Machine, Method)
  • Design & Development considering Lean manufacturing
  • Design considering Ergonomics/Safety requirements
  • Design and Develop support services
  • Established OEE
  • Plant Statutory and regulatory approvals
  • Facility compliances (ISO, cGMP, FDA and others)
  • Installation Qualifications

Process Design & Development

  • Manufacturing process design and development
  • Define process requirements
  • Scientific Mould Validation Protocols
  • Process validation Protocols
  • Post molding operation process design

Product development

  • Product
  • Design review of product
  • New product design development
  • Raw material & grade selection
  • Product design review
  • DFM, DFA, DFMEA report
  • RPT development
  • Tolerance stack analysis
  • MFA reports
  • Fixture design
  • Tooling
  • Evaluating tool requirements
  • Specifying Mould
  • Mould layout design verification and modification
  • Review of manufacturing methods considering product quality and tool life
  • Mould building monitoring & control of all manufacturing stages
  • Mould trials
  • Specifying improvements and correction of Mould
  • Tool Qualification at mould maker site
  • Mould Validation batch at mould maker site
  • Product approval as per CE, DIN etc.
  • Compliances as per FDA, ISO etc.
  • Moulding process design and Development
  • Pilot lot manufacturing using SIM
  • Assembly SPM design and development

QMS Development

  • Define ISO requirements
  • Quality Manual, SOP’s and other QMS procedures
  • Define ISO requirements
  • Design formats and records
  • SOP’s for Moulding, Assembly & Testing
  • Validation protocols
  • Design testing lab and specify test instruments
  • APQP, IQ, OQ, PQ where required

When you leave your product and plant development to us, we are accountable to deliver all deliverables on time, on budget.When you leave your product and plant development to us, we are accountable to deliver all deliverables on time, on budget.