Mould Health Management Software

With years of hands-on experience managing tool development, production and maintenance, we have arrived at practical and industry mold health management system to,

Monitor Mold performance

Track Mold History

Monitor Mold life (Used, Expected)

Generate CQ Index

Maintain Mold validation History

Software development process we adopted is,

Basic structure is

Data Inputs from: Supply chain, Mold Maker, Converter

Online data storage is: Secure, Data sorting, Data processing, Analysis, Output Interface

Output reports can be as following but not limited to,

Mold Design and Development History

  • Mold Drawings and layout, Mold Development time monitoring

Mold Specification

  • Mold Identification details, Mold Cavity configuration, Mold Flow paths, Mold Supplier Information, Mold Dimensions, Mold Layout, Mold Assembly details, Mold Technical tips, etc

Mold Validation History

Mold Performance

  • Tool Stoppages Monitoring
  • Product rejects Monitoring
  • OEE

Mold Maker Performance

  • Development time tracking (Planned vs. Actual)

Mold Running History

Production History

Mold Events

Production Events

Critical spare specification and list/stock

Mold Preventive maintenance schedule & History

Mold Utilisation pattern

Convertor performance for same product/mold

Mold Commercial desk

The software feature includes,

  • Web Based Application
  • Worldwide Access
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Multilevel Access Control
  • Highly Deployable
  • Centralised Data Control
  • User-friendly Console
  • Online Training