Material Optimization

The choice of the right material for a design project can be critical to the success of the product. The selection of the right material can influence design on many levels.

Plastics parts for technical applications usually have to meet a whole range of requirements. These requirements include and not limited to minimum values for strength, stiffness; thermal deformation temperature, impact resistance, environmental stress resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance. In assemblies, these requirements may include coefficient of friction; wear resistance, compatibility with other materials, etc. Decorating & Assembly process like printing, painting, coating, welding, do have specific impact on selection of material.

There are no simple rules for choosing the most suitable resin. Rather, it is a question of understanding the characteristics of the plastics. Thorough understandings of various properties of material are very essential factor to achieve the intended function and life of the product within appropriate cost.

The problem for designers & engineers is further exacerbated due to the diverse range of plastics available. There are over 90 generic classes of plastic, which can be broken down into approximately 400 sub-generic modifications & finally tens of thousands of commercial grades available from hundreds of suppliers.

Having years of experience in Plastics, we can assist you achieve prefect balance between cost and performance of the product to grow in competitive market.